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Feel the Love Because You’re Worth it!
March 4, 2007, 12:30 pm
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Some people are desperate to find love they can’t see it when it is in front of them. According to the Seattle Times actually Believing You Deserve Love is a common problem. No matter how many times some people are told that they are loved, some cannot see the reality of it.

The ability to reflect on and learn from our behavior and use this new learning to enhance our self esteem, communication and relationship skills is key to self-improvement and life long happiness.

Lets start with listening to yourself.

When you hear in your head this person does not love me even though they have said numerous times they do, you have to ask yourself why? It is as important to apply rational thought processes to our relationships as it is to our daily functioning in the workplace. We run thoughts and questions over and over in our heads all day long anyways. Why not use this method to solve problems at work and the problems in your relationship. At work problems are often more black and white (facts) than our relationships issues. We have to search within ourselves, learn to listen to your thoughts and reflections. If you have to write it down then do so.

Next is understanding what you are listening to.

Previously I mentioned writing down your thoughts. Why are you having these thoughts? How long have you had them. What is the likely root cause? Is it something that stems from your/their past? Is it just paranoia or both? Everything may seem to be alright on the surface but you have to dig down deep to get a true understanding. Maybe the reason you feel unloved comes from a cheating spouse or a partner’s behavior that makes you feel insecure. Other causes are abusive relationships from past or present. They could just be feelings of inadequacy but until you explore and recognize you will not be able to understand.

Finally we have the corrective measures.

Once you have listened to that inner voice and understand what it is telling you then you can move forward to corrective measures to repair the damage that you have been facing all of your life. If the reason you can’t feel loved stems from relationship(s) of the past then you have to realize that this is not your fault. They were the ones that had the problem. It was their lack of understanding of you and your needs. Cheating on a spouse or abusing them physically or mentally can and does lead to insecurities and emptiness. Move forward, continue to listen to those thoughts, understand them and change what you can to make it right for you.

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Passports An Issue in Love?
March 3, 2007, 6:43 pm
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Are passports an issue in love?

You bet they are, as a young mixed culture couple found out when they were separated due to political rivalry in Iraq. A couple finds it tough to consummate their love after the death of Saddam Hussein Forbidden Love It seems that passports dating back before the end of Saddam Hussein’s reign have been refused. If you had a passport before 2006 then you were now longer allowed to cross either border coming or going, read Iraq Tightens it’s Borders.

It seems that the more we put up borders to keep love from blossoming, the more we are forcing and promoting wars and separatism.

Allowing people of different cultures and backgrounds to come together can bring a unified social system that will work for everyone. This can assist with the difficult task of encouraging different cultural groups to diversify their beliefs and education to adapt and allow a peaceful existence.

Remember don’t let borders stand in your way to love. Get your passport today.

High Pricing for Fuel.
March 3, 2007, 3:52 am
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Gas prices are incredibly high in Canada.  Why are we paying double the cost for gas over the U.S.? Isn’t Canada supposed to the the “have” country in regards to oil and the US a “have not”?

I was talking to an American client the other day and listened to her complain about the price of gas. She said she pulled into her local service station and gasped when she saw that the price was “$2.29 a gallon/US, that’s outrageous”, she complained. She was completely unimpressed with the sky rocketing gas prices in the US.

I replied, that she should be thankful that she was not living in that Great Canadian land mass just North of her where we are paying 102.9/litre these days (there are approximately 4 liters to a gallon). She quickly realized how much better off they are in the States in regards to gasoline prices.

Why do we pay double for fuel in comparision to what Americans are paying? Aren’t we supposed to be the ones with all the Oil? Don’t we sit on some of the largest supplies of Oil in the entire world? If the concern is the enviroment and the price of gas is high to disuade us from using more fuel, why aren’t American’s not experiencing the same kind of pain we Canadians do? Considering our resources, shouldn’t the cost be either lower or at least equal for both countries? Shouldn’t Americans be paying at least the same to encourage their citizens to conserve their fuel consumption.

Higher costs for fuel are the fastest way to encourage people not to use so much of it. The extra money American’s could pay for fuel could be used towards developing green technologies and encouraging mass transit in their country.