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The Enviro Car Concept
March 25, 2007, 10:03 am
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It seems we are in a “catch 22” with this whole push on cleaning up the environment. The governments are suggesting funding to be received by the oil industry for development of cleaner fuel supplies and the car manufacturers to produce environmentally friendly vehicles.

The whole thing is the knowledge, the future is about to change. This scary, to the big wigs of the oil industry. Since the announcement of the grants I have seen the price of gas jump .10 per liter. Coincidence? Well some may argue that it is the problems in the Middle East. That is another story and side of it.

I think it is just another excuse to get money out of the people who have no choice to drive the gasoline vehicles now. Hmmmm. What is going on here?

The government is giving them money to produce better fuel and they are raising the prices of gas because it is not going to be in such high demand in the future. Does this mean they are purposely making it difficult to be able to afford the purchase of one of the new energy, environmentally friendly vehicles. Are they so afraid of the losses to their Billion dollar a year industry, that will occur because of the forced change over, they need to gouge at the pumps now.

I am not a rich man, I do not make a lot of money, the cost of living exceeds my income, so how can I afford a new enviro car? I would love to have a cost efficient environmentally safe vehicle. I wouldn’t even mind having a slower moving vehicle. New technology is expensive but suspicions have been around for years about the with holding of the release of new energy friendly vehicles due to the drop in consumption of the oil products. Only if there was a way to regenerate the energy that is with an alternator.

Well it is time to stop playing the games with the world we reside. Everyone needs the support to make the environment a better place. A little support to help with conversions much the same way they did when propane was introduced. Sending all vehicle owners across the country a cheque to convert their cars or guarantee loan approval to have the job done.

All in all it will mean less strain on the health issues with cleaner air to breathe. The car manufacturers are still predicting cars that consume oil products will be produced in 2010. Is it speculation the oil companies are are putting the pressure on the auto industry to keep building cars that are to use their supply. How long are we going to rape the earth of its resources. So much for relieving the pressure off of our health problems.

You would think the the government would be giving the manufactures the grants to produce mass amounts of environmentally friendly cars. Thus flooding the market, making them cheaper to build and sell. Then everyone could afford one.

The government is only giving 2000.00 off when purchasing a energy efficient and environmentally safe vehicle. That is peanuts when the starting price is usually more then some of the middle of the line gas vehicles. Now if these prices were starting between 10K-14K for Canadians, then the 2000.00 would be worth it as that would basically take care of the taxes. Here is a thought about other ways to get the message across. Put the 2000.00 towards conversions of existing cars. This in turn would put more people, who are not in the higher income bracket, behind the wheel of an enviro car.

The whole idea of change is to make everyone responsible for cleaning up the environment. What is going to happen is everyone who has the income to equip themselves with the new environmentally safe vehicles will be blaming those who are less fortunate for the pollution that will continue to be expelled into the air.

The money spent making sure every Canadian has an environmentally correct vehicle will save on energy, preserve the environment, and improve health situations across the country.


Woo Hoo for California
March 21, 2007, 6:45 pm
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Once again California is making it’s way to the headlines in pollution control, speed control and public safety all in one. Making way for electric cars on the freeways, speed limits lowered.

This move just may entice car manufactures to produce more of these electric machines slowing the world down a notch or two just may in the end allow everyone to breath and actually take in what they are witnessing and feeling. This kind of negates some of the previous issues that I had about raising gas prices and fast stoplights To a point.

It is still a problem and until more of the motor companies and city regulations change the way things are done and the way they are run then we will still have an up hill battle to get it right.

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Stoplight to punish suburban speeders. What about the elderly and the little children?
March 5, 2007, 5:35 pm
Filed under: Pet Peeves

San Fransisco News sets speed trap with this article on Fast Stop Lights

stoplight.gifThe speeders think they have it bad. Having their lives controlled by lights. That was 2004. I can see things still have not changed or there was to much retaliation from the big money makers of the continent.

What about the old folks or parents with young children who are trying get across those busy intersections. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Intersections with 3 lanes going in all directions. This particular intersection just happened to be surrounded by a shopping center, a university with family housing and a major seniors center. The idea that a mother with 2 young children can get across in the 8 second time limit the lights allow pedestrians in time is absurd. What is the rule get rid of the people of yesterday, the ones who built what we have today and shorten the lifespan advancement towards the people of tomorrow.

Give me a break. Get it together. This is not a small problem.

Another intersection a lady had to be in her 70’s with a walker. She was trying desparately to get across Fort St. Two lanes each way with a side street. The lady was not crossing the side street she was crossing the main road. There again another 8 second walk time. By the time that she finally got up on the curb on the other side, two cars on her side of the road had already past her. Another sign of driver impatience.

Not only does the speed have to slow down, the lights need to be better controlled in areas where seniors, students and mothers with small children are concerned.

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High Pricing for Fuel.
March 3, 2007, 3:52 am
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Gas prices are incredibly high in Canada.  Why are we paying double the cost for gas over the U.S.? Isn’t Canada supposed to the the “have” country in regards to oil and the US a “have not”?

I was talking to an American client the other day and listened to her complain about the price of gas. She said she pulled into her local service station and gasped when she saw that the price was “$2.29 a gallon/US, that’s outrageous”, she complained. She was completely unimpressed with the sky rocketing gas prices in the US.

I replied, that she should be thankful that she was not living in that Great Canadian land mass just North of her where we are paying 102.9/litre these days (there are approximately 4 liters to a gallon). She quickly realized how much better off they are in the States in regards to gasoline prices.

Why do we pay double for fuel in comparision to what Americans are paying? Aren’t we supposed to be the ones with all the Oil? Don’t we sit on some of the largest supplies of Oil in the entire world? If the concern is the enviroment and the price of gas is high to disuade us from using more fuel, why aren’t American’s not experiencing the same kind of pain we Canadians do? Considering our resources, shouldn’t the cost be either lower or at least equal for both countries? Shouldn’t Americans be paying at least the same to encourage their citizens to conserve their fuel consumption.

Higher costs for fuel are the fastest way to encourage people not to use so much of it. The extra money American’s could pay for fuel could be used towards developing green technologies and encouraging mass transit in their country.