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Stoplight to punish suburban speeders. What about the elderly and the little children?
March 5, 2007, 5:35 pm
Filed under: Pet Peeves

San Fransisco News sets speed trap with this article on Fast Stop Lights

stoplight.gifThe speeders think they have it bad. Having their lives controlled by lights. That was 2004. I can see things still have not changed or there was to much retaliation from the big money makers of the continent.

What about the old folks or parents with young children who are trying get across those busy intersections. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Intersections with 3 lanes going in all directions. This particular intersection just happened to be surrounded by a shopping center, a university with family housing and a major seniors center. The idea that a mother with 2 young children can get across in the 8 second time limit the lights allow pedestrians in time is absurd. What is the rule get rid of the people of yesterday, the ones who built what we have today and shorten the lifespan advancement towards the people of tomorrow.

Give me a break. Get it together. This is not a small problem.

Another intersection a lady had to be in her 70’s with a walker. She was trying desparately to get across Fort St. Two lanes each way with a side street. The lady was not crossing the side street she was crossing the main road. There again another 8 second walk time. By the time that she finally got up on the curb on the other side, two cars on her side of the road had already past her. Another sign of driver impatience.

Not only does the speed have to slow down, the lights need to be better controlled in areas where seniors, students and mothers with small children are concerned.

We are walking here! Thanks



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